Dark circles are a dark, bluish shade under the eyes. Due to hereditary factors and aging, they are present at any age. They should not be confused with "bags under the eyes" (prolapsed fat), which can only be corrected surgically.

More frequent causes and medical treatments:

  • Very thin lower eyelid skin that lets the vessels show through.
  • Excessive vascularisation with important capillary fragility.

Bluish dark circles under the eyes as a result of blood pigment deposition due to rupture of the capillaries (eye rubbing, thermal stress), or vasodilation with blood stagnation (smoking, alcohol, water retention from excess salt, lack of sleep, etc.).
There are no effective treatments if the genetic component is predominant. The filler helps us if there is also a loss of fat volume ("valley of tears").

  • Hyperpigmentation by accumulation of melanin, a brown pigment produced to defend against external threats. Dark circles tending to brown. Constitutional or secondary to inflammatory threats (excessive exposure to the sun, dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, stymies, eye rubbing).

Difficult to treat as procedures can be aggressive. A combination treatment is ideal:

- Home application of depigmenting products made by the pharmacist only on prescription as some substances, e.g. hydroquinone, are banned in cosmetics. The treatment is prolonged over time and can be irritating.

- Lightening surface peeling

Specific for the eye and lip contour area is, for example, Enerpeel® El.Also suitable for young people (from 25 years of age), as a prevention of ageing. It is applied with a special pen. Enerpeel® El.Suitable also for young people (from 25 years), as prevention of aging. It is applied with a particular pen.

- Lasers and pulsed light.

- Biorevitalization with antioxidant-based injections.

Imperative is total sun protection after treatment and long-term to avoid recurrence.

  • Valley of tears or “tear through”

Accentuation of the lacrimal sulcus due to loss of volume of the subcutaneous fat with its sliding downwards. Linked to aging and excessive slimming, or genetic factors.

Specific for the eye area is Teosyal's Redensity II. Mix of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, which requires little water. Not recommended, however, for those suffering from eyelid swelling.

General preventive treatments

  • Sun protection with 50+ creams and sunglasses.
  • Don't rub your eyes. Do not use aggressive cosmetics.
  • To reduce edema: adequate sleep, sleep with an extra pillow, apply cold compresses and do not smoke.
  • Food rich in fruit and vegetables, low in salt, limited alcohol intake.