Elvira Danila Pistolesi Medical Practice

Experienced professional in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine techniques

who I am

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery with full marks and honors from the University of Milan in 1980, she obtained her specialization in Orthodontics and her specialization in Odontostomatology with full marks and honors. She completed the four-year course at the Post-University School of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan (S.M.I.E.M. - Agora') obtaining the title of Expert and Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine.

At the same school (S.M.I.E.M. - Agora' Milano) she obtained the diploma of Expert and Consultant in Laser Therapy and Laser Surgery with Aesthetic Address.

She obtained a Master's Degree in Potentiative Medicine and Anti-Aging at the Association of Italian Anti-aging Doctors (A.M.I.A.).




She regularly attends master classes and conferences specific to the sector in which he also participates as a speaker. During her professional career she also worked in Complementary Medicine, graduating in Acupuncture at the four-year Sowen Acupuncture School in Milan and in Ear Acupuncture at the UMAB High School of Acupuncture in Brescia. She has carried out and carries out a prolific research activity in the field of ageing and related dysmetabolic diseases and is the author of numerous scientific publications in qualified international and national journals. It has developed national and international patents in the field of cosmeceutics, functional foods and nutraceuticals in general. She has held teaching activities in the elective course "Updates of Aesthetic Medicine" at the School of Specialization in Food Science - Faculty of Medicine -University of Milan. She is Professor in practical courses of injective techniques of skin Biorevitalization of the face. She is Professor of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics at the School of Specialization in Food Sciences and the Advanced Course in Food Sciences and Applied Nutrition - Faculty of Medicine - University of Milan. 

E’ Docente di Nutrigenetica e Nutrigenomica presso la Scuola di Specializzazione in Scienze dell’Alimentazione e del Corso di Perfezionamento in Scienze dell’Alimentazione e Nutrizione Applicata – Facoltà di Medicina – Università degli Studi Milano.


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