Discover our anti-aging route. From the check-up including genetic testing, to the creation of the personalized diet profile.

The route

ANTI-AGING CHECK-UP is the first phase of the preventive program; it is an advanced diagnostic path aimed at identifying both the main indicators of the state of the organism's functionality and ageing (haematochemical and instrumental teststests) and indicators of individual predisposition (genetic tests) towards specific health problems; this in order to implement targeted preventive countermeasures in advance, reducing the risk of the disorder manifesting itself. At the end of this path the subject will receive a personalized dietary profile, a nutraceutical supplementation (when necessary), a strategy of recovery of physical and mental fitness and stress management, the main cornerstones of anti-aging medicine.

Anti-aging medicine and nutrition treatments



Analysis of the constitutional profile

with differentiation between fat mass (FAT) and lean mass (FFM)

  • Plicometry
  • Biotype definition

Oxidative stress : analysis of the basic oxidative profile (levels of free radicals in the blood) and the body's active antioxidant defense capacity.

HAEMATOCHEMICAL BIOMARKERS OF AGING (can also be performed in external laboratories)

  • Indices of inflammation
  • Glycation indices
  • Methylation indices
  • Endocrinosenescence indices
  • Classic dysmetabolic indices
  • Other analyses to assess the state of aging and nutrition

GENETIC TESTS (executable on site)

They evaluate very frequent small variants (SNP) within the individual genes. They do not indicate the presence of a disease but a lower protection against toxic and carcinogenic substances present in the environment and diet or the higher risk, compared to the average of the general population, of the onset of various disorders (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, dyslipidemia, diabetes, osteoporosis, predisposition to cellulite, hair loss,
, skin aging, etc.). These tests allow us to act in advance by implementing personalized preventive measures (nutrition and integration, physical activity, lifestyle, aesthetic medicine, etc.) to increase the probability of preserving physical, mental and aesthetic health. Through a sterile disposable buccal swab rubbed against the mucous membrane of the cheek, biological material is taken. It is performed only once in a lifetime.



On the basis of the anti-aging check-up, a personalized nutritional and educational program is drawn up to:

  • Counter the biomarkers of aging
    the contribution of pro-aging foods is reduced and that of foods with bioactive components with anti-aging activity (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-glycine and pro-methylant) is favored according to individual contingent needs; this in order to keep the biochemical parameters of ageing within optimal values.
    Promoting weight loss and improving anthropometric parameters
    (if necessary).
  • Promoting weight loss and improving anthropometric parameters
    (if necessary).


The anti-aging diet is also customizable according to the individual genetic profile. Genetic tests are used to detect specific intolerances, a higher sensitivity to toxic or carcinogenic substances, a higher susceptibility, compared to the average of the general population, to the onset of certain diseases. Dietary strategies are set up to favour foods and nutraceuticals that carry bioactive nutrients that protect against the genetic predispositions identified, modulating favourably the expression of the genes involved.


In the light of the anti-aging check-up and eating habits, it may be necessary to intervene with a personalized nutritional supplement to introduce active ingredients to counteract the pathogenic mechanisms underlying most age-related diseases. We make use of nutraceuticals with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiglycerin, methylant, as well as immunostimulant, adaptogenic, neuroprotective, skin trophic activity, etc. If there are no particular formulations of active ingredients available on the market, personalized galenic preparations will be prescribed which the pharmacist will prepare specifically for the individual patient on medical prescription.


Prescription of a motor activity program with indication of the type, frequency, intensity and duration of exercises suitable for individual functional needs. Strength or counter-resistance exercises (if not contraindicated) to maintain muscle mass and bone mineral density. Exercises of flexibility and elasticity Endurance exercises (aerobic) Balance exercises Coordination exercises STRESS MANAGEMENT Relaxation strategies

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